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General Solution Services

We offer a wide range of support from a standard until customized systems. We also provide a general solutions support to you.

The 3 features of Public and General solution services

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    Service on the system development

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    Financial/Medical system development

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    Helpdesk BPO business

Service on the system development

We are providing a service to a various type industries of customers especially on planning plans, creating RFPs (proposal request), system implementation, scratch development and system maintenance / operation. On top of that, we also provide a services in supporting the implementation of BI (Business Intelligence) tools, multi-dimensional analysis for accumulated business data, and operation support based on eight BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing).

Details of Information Planning . RFP Iimplementation
Development case study
Major steel manufacturer Support for introducing account stake into subsidiaries
Tuition Core system planning support, RFP creation support, individual division scratch development
Manufacturing (Industrial Robots) WMS automatic transport system in the factory
Wholesale (Bed Supplier) WMS (Comprehensive inventory management system), logistics EDI system
Transportation (warehouse logistics) Delivery system For mail order companies
Distribution (Supermarket) Membership management, points granting, rent guarantee system
Financial/Medical system development
Financial/Medical system development

We have a vast experience in information system development for financial institutions and also have a knowledge on the know how development which is similar with any other companies. We are able to develop the channel that are diversified and able to meet the customer needs. In addition, we will promote and support the information initialization of the government through years based on know-how development in public relations and in the community service as well as information management. In recent years, we have been providing solutions based on the know-how basic that we have accumulated in various area such as the back office of medical field until the examination room.

Details of Financial’s Information System implementation
Development achievement
Insurances (life insurances) Personal insurance system (contract maintenance, billing payment, judgment payment, fixed-rate payment), personal insurance system (mathematics), application procedure paperless system for general agents
Bank Liquidity Management System(RTGS),Mega Bank Account System (Foreign Exchange Remittance) System
Government Line-of-business system, bidding business system
Helpdesk BPO business
Helpdesk BPO business

The needs of our customers‘ systems are changing day by day. CMK provides eight operational services to systems that are important to customer’s assets. We provide a support to our customer‘s operations by focusing on bi services. BI service will provide the results of analysis by using help desks, PCs, tablets. On top of that BI tools also respond to in-house inquiries.

Learn more about BPO Business services.
Development Achievement
Tuition AMS (Application Management Services), BI Analysis
Major Apparel Maker Help Desk, Kitting
Foods Industries Franchise Help Desk
Medical Related End user Help Desk

BI Solution

Dr. Sum High-speed analysis of accumulated data as a management index, a tabulation and analysis platform that the next move can be done
BI Tools [Dr Sam]
MotionBoard An information utilization dashboard that transforms data surrounding companies into valuable information

Service development Case Study

case 1
AnserBizSOL Order Management System

For applications for Internet Banking for Corporations AnserBizSOL, each department that performs the application work has centralized the management book that is operated and managed by each. In addition, we automated the work that the worker was doing manually. • Automatic login to eBPortal site and automatic download of application form • Automated check ing of various application forms according to various application types • Determine which departments need to be confirmed and deliver results to related departments

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case 2
Business automation using software robot technology

In order to improve the efficiency of operations for companies in the manufacturing, construction, and information and communication industries, we have introduced various products of RPA, a software robot that realizes business automation. There are three introduced products: Uipath, AutomationAnywhere, and Bizrobo!.

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case 3
Formulating a medium- on long-term information planning plan based on management policy

Formulating a plan to build the optimal information system for the entire company based on management policies, current business and information system issues and requirements. Aggregate opinions from management to field personnel through questionnaires and hearings. The results of the task arrangement analysis, short-term (about one year) and medium-term (about three-year) information plan

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case 4
System for efficient planning and optimal placement of work processes

Based on the order information for the production of printed materials (printing, cutting, processing) at two factories, we have newly constructed a system to create processes to carry out the production process on time using an external cooperation plant. Based on a combination of printing method, machine ability, and personnel skills, we have created a system to update the standard work time from the work performance. The construction function is calendar creation from order data, calendar output, actual management by process, standard work operation management, data creation for subcontracting cooperation factory request, processing request output, etc.

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case 5
Management of The Bank of Japan's Settlement Management System

In collaboration with Company A, the Company has been in charge of the development and maintenance of the Bank of Japan's payment management system in response to the Bank of Japan's "Bank of Japan Net" operated by the Bank of Japan. We investigated, renovated, and tested the impact on the system in accordance with the revision of the middleware used by this system. In addition, in accordance with this support, we examined and implemented development methods using cloud services such as AWS, CircleCI, and GitHub.

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case 6
Added automatic collaboration processing of accounting data

As a result of organizing the customer's "billing and payment business" and "input business of accounting data" from the requirements, it was found that the data entered in "Billing and payment business" can be achieved by making it an input of "Input of accounting data". Each of them was operated on a different system, so we designed the interface between the systems and renovated it so that the data could be linked together.

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case 7
Opening core systems

In order to reduce the operating cost of the user,  the core system which was built by the general-purpose machine system is replaced with an open system. The system introduced a standard package of a certain company and facing a biggest challenge to migrate the file system into the database. (Configuration is an online system of client servers using Oracle to DB)

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case 8
Implementation of an automatic generation system for inbound / outbound work plan for overseas

In order to systematically carry out container shipping (banning) of products (made in Japan) and container shipping (banning) operations for foreign countries, business know-how by experts is incorporated into the system as business logic. We have implement a system to automatically generate the schedule of the good's in-and-out work (worker, quantity of goods, time, inventory)

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case 9
Construction of production management system for group companies using production management package

We introduced a production management package for group company factories of large-scale assembly manufacturers as a core system. Then we narrowed down the scope to the line-of-business area and based on the concept of a simple functional specification/data model system. Then, we built a local system for each company and clarified the separation from the core system. For this reason, we have facilitated cooperation with local systems with a rich external interface.

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case 10
Personal insurance system maintenance (contract maintenance, billing, judgment payments, flat-rate payments)

Beside the introduction and implementation of a personal insurance system, we have been doing maintenance and development as a prime vendor for more than 20 years. Particularly, in the transfer and maintenance after the life insurance contract, billing, deposit, judgment payment, fixed-rate payment, etc. We have make sure that the system change corresponding to the new systemization, the insurance system revision, and the insurance rate revision. We have been working to improve the efficiency of insurance affairs and continue to support our customers' operations based on our business know-how.

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case 11
Development and maintenance of personal insurance system (Calculation)

In order to ensure that insurance premium calculations and refunds cancellation for subscribers can be calculated properly, we have developed, operated a new personal insurance system and being maintained by the business knowledge expert. The company also can appropriately calculate the reserve of liability and output forms of calculation statistics, Insurance premium rates, liability reserve rates, etc. are calculated using advanced mathematical calculations by using probability and statistics based on the life insurance standard life table and company's past information

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case 12
Paperless application system for general agent

In order to reduce the procedure load of agencies and contractors, We have create a system that allows users to view and enter contract contents by using a tablet. The estimation and confirmation of contract contents during the application process also have been developed. Due to all the process have been computerized, the approval process also can be done by a signature from a tablet

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case 13
Megabank Accounting (foreign exchange remittance) system

We have change the current system which is already outdate. We have completely update the integration and implementation of the three banks‘ core systems.Our system development contains of foreign exchange business (directed remittance) within the application divided by loan and foreign exchange functional unit. This new system adopts SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) design method, which foreign exchange destination remittance business has been extracted as one component.

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case 14
Resident system in local government

In order to meet the diverse needs of resident services, we have come out with a proposals which had been prosposed by experts. The proposal is including customization requests at the time of package introduction, system development and operation maintenance.

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case 15
Bidding business system in local governments

With our expert who has a wise business knowledge in bid management in local government, we conduct this project from the current situation analysis until development and operation maintenance. We are also responsible in developing the information of bidding, bid qualifications, management of bidders (including rating) as well as management of bid which is unique according to expert

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case 16
Operation after the implementation of an analysis system based on various information mainly on students of the cram school

We have introduced an analysis system based on various information, mainly for students of the cram school. With the introduction of an analysis system, we will review our business, while providing customized BPO menus for each customer from cmk's service menu to realize effective use of management resources.

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