Infrastructure solution service

System Solution Service

Infrastructure solution service

Based on our development and operation experience in diversified services, we can provide consistent services from proposals to operation and maintenance for management issues as well as to fulfilled a customer needs. Also, in recent years, the importance of securing business continuity by multi-siting, improving the efficiency of operation by automation, and security measures for external and internal access has increased. We believed that we are able to provide reliable system infrastructure solutions for on-premises ,services or cloud services

3 features of infrastructure service

  1. 1

    Proposal, requirement, Design Strengths in upstream phase

  2. 2

    Covering the entire system A wide range of technical fields

  3. 3

    Utilizations based on customer Variety of product

Strengths for upstream phases such as proposals, requirements definition, and design
Strengths for upstream phases such as proposals, requirements definition, and design

Most of the projects we work on are projects from the upstream phase such as proposal, requirements definition and design. Most of the projects we work on are projects from the upstream phase such as proposal, requirements definition and design. We have conducted a discussion with customers, and based on the analysis and requirements on the current situation, we come out with the new mechanism and try to realize it into a system. In systematization, we not only meet the requirements but also find an essential goals of systematization which is being appreciated by customers.

A wide range of technical areas covering the entire system
A wide range of technical areas covering the entire system

The system consists of various technical areas such as servers, networks, and databases. We do not specialize in a specific technology area, but provide all the technology areas that make up the system. By having know-how in a wide range of technology areas, we have provided an optimal and essential system environment. In addition, we offer as a business area even wider areas such as monitoring design and operation design.

Leverage a wide variety of platform products
Leverage a wide variety of platform products

Due to an independent SIer, we use the platform and products that are best suited to the needs and systems of our customers, without being limited to specific products. Hardware and middleware that we used are Windows, Linux, UNIX, Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, IBM. In recent years, we have adopted technologies which in line with trends for example virtualization of VMware, Citrix and KVM, cloud services of AWS, and automation and containers such as Serverspec, Jenkins and Docker.

Development case study

Financial Revenue Evaluation and ForecastIng System for Banks
Web front portal site for stock exchange
Commercial Facilities Workflow and facility reservation system for commercial facilities

Service development Case Study

case 1
Pc approx. 4000 pc equipment change kitting

About 4,000 PC kitting units were deployed to approximately 600 locations nationwide. We have consistently responded to the arrival, storage, kitting, packaging and shipment of equipment. In addition, we minimized the burden on our customers by responding to the following ☐ Create delivery schedules tailored to your operations ☐ Reduction of initial defect risk by inspection work ☐ Asset Management ☐ Response to inquiries from bases after delivery

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case 2
Develop the EdTech Website Foundation (AWS Environment)

The development phases is start from AWS configuration decisions and requirement defining, until design and implementation of the web servers and DB servers. By using an advantage of the characteristics of AWS, our aim is to improve error tolerance (redundancy, recovery, etc.)and introduce security to prevent unauthorized access (antivirus, IDS/IPS). With this functionality, we are able to make the website become more secure and stable.

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case 3
Develop a Corporate Site Foundation using AWS

With the renewal of the corporate site for commercial facilities, we have built the infrastructure base of the new corporate site on AWS. Since multiple web servers are required, we have introduced a automatic configuration tool (Jenkins) to improve efficiency and accuracy at work. In addition, automated scripts (log evacuation, content backup, DB backup, etc.) are created and installed for operation. We are constantly monitoring the infrastructure, and introduced a system that can respond to failures and notify system administrators immediately when a problem occurs.

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case 4
Responding to existing issues and the audit system replacements.

In response to the existing issues, we have investigated the root causes for issues such as system performance slow down, review of operation costs, license problems with S / W and implemented a proposal for measures that anticipate replacement. With regard to replacement support, in terms of implementing new solutions, we have consolidated physical to virtual environments, and introduced backup and log management as additional functions. In addition, we completed the replacement of Active Directory environment which had problem previously.

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case 5
Implementation for Next Generation Sales System

We has been primarily responsible for Windows, Active Directory, and virtual infrastructure, and built a group policy mechanism for high reliability and flexible scalability and countermeasures against unauthorized access. We assume that the new system can be operated in 24-hour service.

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case 6
Implementation of securing a fixed period of system audit log

In a system with high social importance for managing information on major public facilities in the Kanto region, We have proposed a solutions for the storage of audit logs, and responded consistently to the implementation.

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case 7
Infrastructure implementation for SMS communication

We develop a quest OS on the host OS using RedHatLinux7.3 in the customer data center. The configuration is less than 40 units for the Tokyo, Osaka, and other verification environments. Since the period of application verification is short, it is not possible to take a lot of implementation in the timeframe, therefore, we use an automatic configuration tools to build them in bulk. By using the automatic configuration tool for the upgrade of the application, the time to recovery was shortened.

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case 8
People count system implementation using AWS

A dome-shaped people-counting network camera was installed at ceiling of the store entrance, It will link with the existing in-house system which is on the cloud. We implement a system that can check the number of visitors with the in-house system in real time. Cloud is using AWS, security between camera and AWS is secured by encrypted communication and IP restriction. It is also possible to check real-time video and count data by directly accessing the count camera from the store.

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case 9
Revenue Evaluation and Fore casting System for Banks

We introduce SQL server as data storage destination of package product. Provides equipment selection, Windows environment, SQL server design / implementation, and backup /restore environment considering failure happen. We also implemented security measures such as group policy and unauthorized access measures by using Windows firewall.

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case 10
Web front portal site for stock exchange

Sizing, designing and constructing an integrated virtual infrastructure based on statistics such as memory cpu usage and access count in existing environments. On the virtual infrastructure, we provided a plurality of site environments by access source. In addition, we have introduced a monitoring system for acquiring each resource information.

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case 11
Workflow and reservation system for commercial facilities

We introduced the WEB system in the cloud environment. We adopted load balancing services and incorporated redundancy to improve fault tolerance. In addition, with redundancy, it is possible to update the data without interruption even in patch application maintenance . By using the cloud environment, it is possible to easily prepare the copy of the production environment for the verification process.

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