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ERP Solution Services

We are offering ERP solutions on sap S4 HANA for large enterprises, SAP Business ByDesign for medium-size enterprises, and SAP Business One for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In order to build systems for operational efficiency and internal control, we provide a one-stop solutions that are directly linked to management strategies which derived from the utilization of big data. We are an official partner with SAP and have deepened our partnership with SAP through sponsoring a corporate events, and we are consistently updating the environment with the latest technology trends. Therefore, we are committed to deliver the results that customers are looking for. In addition, we have a large scale of SAP certified consultants (100%), SE, and ABAP engineers who have extensive experience in various industries. We look forward to work closely with you.

SAP Partner

The 3 features of Public and ERP Solution Services

  1. 1

    SAP S/4 or Suitable ERP For Large Enterprise

  2. 2

    SAP Business ByDesign For medium size Enterprise

  3. 3

    SAP business One For Small or mid-size Enterprise

SAP S/4 or suitable ERP for Large Enterprise
SAP S/4 or suitable ERP for Large Enterprise

SAP S/4 HANA is an industry-standard software package for all industries. It consists of functionality for finance, accounting, Human Resource, production, SCM and CRM etc. On the latest update, Iot, Big Data, devices enable system has been designed meanwhile the legacy system is still remain available. We have been involved in SAP-ERP for 18 years and have about 50 engineers from each application (PP/MM/SD/FI/CO/HR/BW, etc.) including senior, junior Consultant, SE, and ABAP programmers. Based on our broad range of business expertises as well as diverse technical capabilities and skills, we understand the customer's business process and will propose the best solution for operational efficiency and internal control.

SAP ByDesign for Medium size company
SAP Qualified SAP ByDesign for Medium size company

We offer a fast-growing medium size companies to implement SAP Business ByDesign by using CMK GROWTH package solution

(Standard Fast).(CMK Trinity)

The 7’s Basic is

  • Realization of Real time management
  • Quick and accurate management decision
  • Improvement on the inaccurate by standardize the operation
  • End-to-end solution, powered by proven business processes and delivered in a simple, quick-to-implement package. (3~4month with no add-on)will drive

growth today and keep growing with your business.

You may find the details of our CMK GROWTH package solution in our Youtube page.

CMK GROWTH 7’s Basic

CMK GROWTH 7’s Basic

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SAP business One For Small or mid-sized Enterprises

We Proposed to use SAP Business One to strengthen management and control of small and medium-sized enterprises across the company or in subsidiaries of large companies. It has high-quality features and simple design unique to SAP ERP products that enable you to centrally manage your operations in real time, enabling low-cost deployment and operation. The user interface can be easily edited on the customer's side, making it easier to use and easy to understand.

Sap Roambi is also a mobile BI solution for SAP Analytics. Without PC, you can easily get the information that you want with your smartphone or mobile device. Besides SAP, the source could be from other system or from an excel sheet.
Smarter and more sophisticated BI report also can be created. With the fee is very reasonable, please try it by all means.

Magistrate Solutions

OBC We propose the best solution for the customer's problem from the dedicated series of line-of-business systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. This series of operations is user-friendly, enabling data linkage from the front system, but also reduces personal work, standardizes operations, and streamlines operational efficiency. In addition, we respond to the increasingly complex revisions and institutional revisions through our products.


Development case study

Consulting Firm SAP-ERP (Accounting Area)
Manufacturing industry
(Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electrical equipment, chemicals, food, ship building, petroleum refining, industrial robots, apparel, etc.)
SAP-ERP (production, sales, inventory, purchasing, financial accounting, Controlling accounting, BI, etc.)
Trading company SAP-ERP (sales, inventory, purchasing, financial accounting, Controlling accounting, BI, etc.)
Distribution business SAP-ERP (sales, inventory, purchasing, financial accounting, Controlling accounting, BI, etc.)
System integrators SAP-ERP (sales, purchasing, financial accounting, Controlling accounting, BI, etc.)
System Integrator Manufacturing (Accumulator) etc SAP Business ByDesign (SCM, CRM, Inventory Purchasing, Financial Accounting, Project Management, Time Management, etc.)
Control equipment FA system Healthcare Electronic components, etc. SAP Business One (Operation . Maintenance)

Service development Case Study

case 1
Pos cash register and sales management system revised

We introduced a cash register system and sales control package to manage sales data and orders at each store. We consistently handled all phases from system configuration consideration to requirement s defining, design and construction. In addition to improving and optimizing operations taking into account the customer's current operation and package characteristics, we have realized the cooperation of the cash register system and the sales management package. In addition, we were able to reduce the cost of operations by incorporating customized development that is suitable for customer operations as well as standard functions.

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case 2
Improving business by introducing SAP Business ByDesign®Cloud ERP

To eliminate the gap in customer perception, SAP Business ByDesign is done through a demonstration approach, fit&gap analysis and business flow creation. Then, the operation had been performed based on the business flow creation. With this, we able to identify that there is no problem occur after the implementation.

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case 3
Development of next-generation power storage systems and support for the introduction of ERP core systems for manufacturing

Build end-to-end business processes with SAP Business ByDesign on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. {Scope】 CRM, Sales and distribution, SCM, inventory and purchasing management, financial accounting and Controlling, project management The project management does not adopt any customer request add-ons (Customized Program), but by aligning the business with standard functions. Due of that we managed to reduce the development costs and development lead times as well.

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case 4
Implementation of system analysis based on various information mainly for students of cram school

We have constructed an analysis system for student information, grade information, school building information, entry and exit information, and other management information, mainly for students from early childhood education to university students.

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Listing of Case Study