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Katsuaki Takenaka, President CMK’s mission is to continue
to be an indispensable partner for our clients /
CMK are committed
to be an reliable partner for our clients.

In today's advanced digital transformation, software can be a weapon, and it also can be a tool to protect peace. In respond of that, we are a company that develops the intangible wealth of software to the world.

Every person are responsible to contribute to society. We do hope that each and every one of our employees will grow in our company by pursuing their own humanity and enhancing their personality and make the company deemed necessary by society.

When it comes to technology, It is essential to build up our mind in order to create new things. Always determined to step up, striving for quality in everything and continuous improvement are the key point to create a world class technology.

The industry now is looking for developers who can proactively make proposals based on the overall view of their corporate activities. We already respond to the needs of integration of information technology and communication technology in this network society.

And now, In this new era of digital market place where computers can work anywhere, anytime is spreading in front of us. We believe our mission is to take our own actions and always pursue the essence, develop an aggressive solution business, and contribute to our business partners and society

We aim to become a leading IT solution provider in the digital marketplace, Your continued patronage and support are greatly appreciated.

Katsuaki Takenaka, President

Company Philosophy

Company Policy

Pursuit of the humanity

Company Philosophy
1. Management with a breakthrough
Aiming for the step up, not live up with current situation, to challenge and enhance the personality and leads for the contributing to society through the creation of new product.
1. Management with initiative
As a pioneer in the information industry, all employees will take the initiative to believe in management in order to become a company which representing the industry and even representing Japan
1. Management with sincerity
Promoting management in the spirit of "sincerity" and always seeks for "true" leads in order to gain a trust both within the company and outside the company.