Looking for a business partner

Looking for a business partner

At CMK, We are looking for a business partner who can grow together.

We aim to develop a wide range of business and to build relationships with business partner. We do hope that we could expand our business through projects that allow us to collaborate with our business partners. By combining the strength with our business partners, we hope that our business could go to the higher level.

About recruiting

Support for wide range solution

In CMK, our business is based on the 3 solution. General Solution Services, ERP Solution Services, Infrastructure Solution Services. In addition, we are working to build a strong collaboration system with business partners. Therefore we are able to participate in projects where business partners can make use of their specialty fields.

Support for wide-area activities through cooperation with bases nationwide

In CMK, we do shared our information between business partner and our nationwide bases. For example, business partner from Osaka To Tokyo or Tokyo to Osaka can collaborate together and could expand our business activities. So, do you want to collaborate with us which could expand our business together?

We want to Work together and grow together

Instead of sharing the contact of business relationship with business partner only, we also share the idea on how to move forward in the future. In order to deliver satisfaction guarantee to customers (users) through system development, we believe that it is essential to establish a strong partnership based on trust and support with business partners. Therefore, we will build a cooperative system through continuous communication with our business partners.

Recruitment Solutions

Below is a summary of our solution service. For details, feel free to contact us for further explanation

General Solution Services We offer a wide range of applications from open systems to general-purpose machine systems.
  • ・Systemization support
  • ・Development of core systems
  • ・Business system development
  • ・Web system development
  • ・Business package customization/ implementation support
  • ・Support for the introduction of BI tools
  • ・Financial system development services such as banks, insurance, and credits
  • ・Development of public core systems such as prefectural governments and city halls
  • ・Development related to medical care such as hospitals and clinics, and introduction of packaged products, etc.
  • ・Help desk
  • ・Kitting service
  • ・Business-related processing agency service
  • ・System evaluation service
  • ・Others
Infrastructure Solution Service
  • ・Infrastructure consultation
  • ・Network/server implementation
  • ・Infrastructure operation support
  • ・Cloud computing
  • ・Security consultation
ERP Solution Services
  • ・Implementation Consultant
  • ・Support for implementation application , such as my SAP ERP
  • ・SAP customization
  • ・Microsoft Dynamics
  • ・Support for customizing and introducing the series package
  • ・Other ERP products (ORACLE EBS, etc.)

We also support on the Development language and DB. Please let us know if your side are capable on it.

Scope of support for business partners

We are targeting to have information collaboration in a wide area. Therefore, We are looking for Business Partner at (Kanto), (kansai),(Chubu.Shikoku), (sendai) area. The whole office in CMK will share the information and will collaborate with the partner.

  • Aggregation of partner information
  • Sharing information to partners
  • Collection of opinions, requests, etc
  • Procurement support for east-west sales department
  • Feedback to each department
  • Information sharing with development departments
Scope of support for business partners

Inquiry / Application regarding Business Partner

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