About SAP Engineers and Consultant

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What is SAP system

What is SAP.ERP

SAP, by definition, is also name of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software as well the name of the company which located in Germany. SAP system consists of a number of fully integrated modules, which covers virtually every aspect of business management.

As an SAP official partner company

We are an official partner with SAP, and we are deepend our partnership through sponsorship of corporate events.We are committed to the consulting services and solution services in order to provide customers with an optimal support centered on EPR products.

SAP projects and achievements at our company

Our development results include of SAP-ERP (financial accounting) for consulting firms, and SAP-ERP (production, sales, inventory, purchasing, financial accounting, managerial accounting, BI, etc.) for manufacturing industries. In addition, the core system of ERp is in the development / manufacturing industry. The Power generation system will integrate with the standard functions, thereby adopting an introduction method will reduces development costs and development lead time. As a result, the utilization of data will become efficient and speedy management decisions can be done.

About SAP Engineers and Consultant

Corporate competition has become more intense, and pdca is required nowdays. The environment surrounding decision-making SAP and the latest technology trends are constantly updated. In order to provide services that fit for each customer, we have a wide range of SAP certified consultations (with a holding rate of 90% or more) and a wide range of SE and ABAP engineers to accommodate a wide variety of industries.

What is the role of SAP engineers in SAP development?

More than 200,000 SAP systems are deployed worldwide, but world are still short with a sap engineers. Since SAP is dedicated to modules and areas, and each requires expertise and experience persons. We have approximately 50 engineers in PP, SD, MM, FI, CO, ABAP, BW, BO, Basis, CRM, HANA, Module Consultants, Senior, Junior SE, and ABAP Programmer. Based on our extensive experience, we confident that we could understand the customer's business and will propose the best solution for operational efficiency and internal control.

SAP-certified consultants

SAP requires not only development and implementation, but also implementation consultation. We also support implementation consultation from business improvement and improvement proposals. Sap certification is an exam conducted by SAP. The test including erp package construction, implementation, configuration, model, troubleshooting solutions, and so on. We have more than 90% of sap certification holders. We will improve our services so that we could provide a best solution support for our customers.

Please leave the consultation and the request about SAP implementation to us.

We have been involved in SAP-ERP for 18 years, with more than 50 reviewers and more than 90% of sap certifications.Please leave the consultation and the request about the sap system implementation to us. ERP Solution Services