Procedures to respond  on

Personal Information Handling

Procedures to respond on "request for disclosure"

1. Request for Disclosure

For requests of disclosure, please contact the person in charge who was registered the customer's information.

If you do not know the contact, please send the required application form by mail to the following personal information consultation contact point.
Requests of disclosure can be accepted by telephone, fax, or E-mail.

Address Zip code 552-0007
Bay Area Osaka Bay Tower 15F, 1-2-1 Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka
Name of Contact Computer Management Co., Ltd. (CMK)
Personal Information Consultation Person In charge : Uesaka
Reminder ・If you have any questions about the procedures, please feel free to contact the personal information consultation desk.
・Please check your phone number if you would like to make a phone call.

Computer Management Co., Ltd. (CMK)
Toru Yoshida, Personal Information Protection Manager, Director and Executive Officer

Telephone Number 050-3733-2720
Fax 06-4395-1100
Reception hours Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 (excluding year-end, new year, national holidays, and company holidays)

2. How to Make a Request for Disclosure. (submission of written format, confirmation format of the identity or agent)

Process for requesting for disclosure. 1) Fill in the forms. 2) Provide the information for personal check material. Please Mail the document to the counter.

If you’re using an agent, in addition of 1) and 2) document, please provide the prove document of agent 3). Then , mail the document to counter.

If there are any error in the submitted documents, we may send them back. So please confirm the documents carefully before you send it to us.

1) Company Application
Application’s Name Application To
Personal information’s invoice Telephone number : 050-3733-2720
E-mail :

※ We will only respond to the personal information subject to disclosure that you have filled out in the application form.

2)Identity verification document

A copy of a public certificate, such as a health insurance insured card with the same name and address with the application form of “Personal information Disclosure Invoice”.

3) Verification of agent document

・ Document to indicate a representative (signed and stamped by the person)

If there are any deficiencies or questions in the submission, we will contact you, but if you do not present within a specified period of time, we will send back the document and the submission is not success.

3. Postage rate and collection method during "request for disclosure" and "notification of purpose of use" process.

When requesting disclosure, please include a postage stamp with the following amount.
We will reply an answer via registered mail.

* 392 yen per application
Please enclose a postage stamp of 392 yen in the application document. (As of April 1, 2018)

We will contact you if there is a shortage of return stamps, or if the return stamps are not provided. We will not process the application and will send back the document if you are unable to pay within the specified period.

Depending on the content of the disclosure request, fees may be charged. In that case, we will issue an estimate in advance.

4. Other precautions for requesting disclosure.

  • We are not be able to respond with the request for disclosure, If the information given is not comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, or if the documents are incomplete.
  • We will handle the acquired personal information only in response to the request for disclosure
  • We will respond in writing to the applicant (in the case of an agent, will respond the agent) based on the address listed in the application form. (in Japan). We can not return back the documents that you submitted.
  • The time respond is curremtly depending on the content of your inquiry.
  • In the case of request for deletion of personal information subject to disclosure, even the personal information subject to disclosure is deleted, a copy of the application and a copy of the response still be stored.
  • Please be aware in advance that services for personal information subject to disclosure will no longer available as a result of a request to discontinue use, deletion of personal information or to discontinue provision to a third party.